Intelligent quattro.

The next generation of innovation.

Predictive. Proactive. Ahead of its time. New quattro with ultra technology
switches between two-wheel and four-wheel drive within milliseconds as
road and weather conditions change. The result is a combination of enhanced
power, safety and fuel efficiency, topped with the freedom to comfortably
conquer city roads, back roads and even terrain with no roads.

air suspension.

Versatility, heightened.

Thanks to the newly developed adaptive air suspension, nothing
stands in the way of the all-new Audi Q5. The advanced system
lets drivers raise or lower the ride height of the vehicle for ideal
ground clearance on any terrain. This lets the Q5 effortlessly
handle the rough, the smooth, and everything in between.

efficiency assistant.

Anticipate what lies ahead.

With the predictive efficiency assistant, the Audi Q5 becomes an even more eco-
nomical SUV. This intelligent technology uses navigation system data to alert you
to situations before they’re visible. By anticipating what’s to come, you can manage
your drive efficiently, reducing fuel consumption. Sharp corners? Steep descents?
A sudden change in the speed limit? Plan for them all with this smart innovation.

Luxurious new
cabin design.

Get in, get away.

More headroom, more legroom and more luggage space make
every drive in the Audi Q5 feel like an escape. Intuitive driver-centric
infotainment systems, like the Audi Virtual Cockpit and MMI display,
keep you connected, even when you’ve unplugged. And premium
details, such as leather seating, an expansive wraparound dashboard,
multifunction steering wheel and optional panoramic sunroof,
add luxury to everyday life.

Turn assist.

Always prepared for the unexpected.

The all-new Audi Q5 doesn’t just turn heads. It handles turns too.
The class-leading turn assist system takes the danger out of turning
across lanes by monitoring oncoming traffic and initiating braking when
necessary. Because it reacts when you don’t, you can navigate urban chaos
with complete peace of mind.

jam assist.

Support when life bottlenecks.

While the all-new Audi Q5 thrives in the wild, it masters the
city too. Available for the first time in the Q5, adaptive cruise
control with traffic jam assist manages the stop-and-go stress
of rush hour by taking over some driving tasks, like maintaining
a safe following distance, in heavy traffic. It’s the only time
you’ll see the new Audi Q5 fall in line.

Audi Q5 DNA

Intelligent quattro

Variable space

Adaptive air

Traffic jam assist

Predictive efficiency assistant

Turn assist

The Q5 at play

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